Welcome to another blog post of the Organic Chemistry Academy.

Today, we will talk about the four pillars upon which the lessons of the Organic Chemistry Academy are built. Knowing these will give you key information about what to expect and will further enhance the quality of your studies.

1. Organic Chemistry Concepts

First of all, we have the concepts of Organic Chemistry. You can’t learn the material until you understand what it is that you’re learning.

You will learn topics such as molecular orbital theory, acid-based strength, conformation analysis, chirality, reaction coordinates, aromaticity, radical stability, reactivity of carbonyl groups, and keto-enol tautomerism, among others.

2. Naming and Drawing

In these courses, you’ll learn how to name and to draw any organic chemistry molecule that you can think of.

For naming and drawing, you will learn how to name or draw any molecule. You will be also able to identify functional groups.

3. Synthesis and Reactions

Number three, you will get good at synthesis and reactions.

For synthesis and reactions, you will learn name reactions, chemical transformations, reaction mechanisms, total synthesis, retrosynthetic analysis, and you will be able to choose the right reagents to carry out a synthesis.

4. Spectroscopy

And lastly, spectroscopy. It is very important for a chemist to be able to identify the molecules that he or she makes.

For spectroscopy, you will learn four major identification methods. You get to master mass spec. You’re going to learn how to interpret infrared spectroscopy. You will also be able to understand UV-visible spectroscopy. Finally, I’m going to teach you how to nail NMR spectroscopy.

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