Welcome to the Organic Chemistry 101 blog! Today, we’re going to talk about how to conquer organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry is undoubtedly a hard subject. Nobody takes OCHEM I or OCHEM 2 thinking that it’ll be a cake walk. It’s a serious subject, and therefore it requires serious students. Fully understanding the subject means being persistent and having well-developed study habits. It takes a lot of memorization and analysis to fully grasp the material. At times it’ll seem daunting. There’s many different topics and the idea of learning them all may seem impossible. But if you attack the problem in the right way, it’ll be easy.

Let’s begin.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

First of all, repetition is king. You’ll need to study at least one hour of Organic Chemistry every day to improve your skills. The more time you can devote, the better off you’ll be.

2. Learning Organic Chemistry is Like Learning a New Language

Learning Organic Chemistry has a lot in common with learning a new language. First, you need to learn the vocabulary terms. From there, you connect these concepts together. Before long, you’ll be a fluent speaker!

3. Take Organic Chemistry Seriously

Make sure to take the course seriously so you can succeed. Tell yourself that you want to succeed whenever you don’t want to study. Make sure to set aside time every day to review the most recent study session and keep its topics fresh in your mind.

How to Study OCHEM I and OCHEM II

Now, let’s talk about some ways to improve the quality of your OCHEM studies.

As soon as you learn a new topic, it’s time to lock in that knowledge. Start by completing some practice problems. If you’re a subscriber here at the Organic Chemistry Academy, our practice homework is a great place to start.

Number two, watch videos covering specific topics in Organic Chemistry. These videos walk you through problems visually, helping you to retain the knowledge.

Number three, learn how to push electrons in reaction mechanisms and memorizing reactions. In other words, learn the language of Organic Chemistry. Know the terms used to describe parts of the molecule like functional groups or reaction media if the reaction is acidic or is basic, and terminologies such as exothermic for a reaction that is hot or endothermic if it’s cold, etc.

Talk like an organic chemist. You need to be a proactive student, don’t be a passive student. You need to engage in your studies, strive in every assignment given. Research shows that when a student uses four out of five senses, the brain will retain 90% of the information. A 90% is an A. To involve four senses, take notes and talk to yourself after watching a video. Here you will be using your vision, hearing, tact, and talking activates your taste sense.
Students that only listen and watch lectures and do not take notes or ask questions only retain 50% of the information.

You’ve got it. A 50% is an F.

Here is where you can set yourself apart from others. Be the best version of yourself. Stay motivated and be a self-starter. Be disciplined. Think of organic chemistry as a component of classes that you need to achieve your ultimate goal in life.

For example, if you plan to be a dentist, think of it as part of your dentistry curriculum. Act as a dentist today. Be at the top of your game, do not settle for a low grade. Be headstrong and be determined to ace the course. If you happen to get a low grade in a test, tell yourself that you will destroy
the next exam and prepare better.

This is possible since you will get to learn new material that might click better for you. Always stay positive.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your journey as a student.

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